TonySilvaSopranoOriginally trained on clarinet, Tony switched to saxophone just before entering high school.  About a year later, he began playing professionally, in a general business band known for its showmanship and choreography, as well as its musicianship.  When fellow bandmates headed off to music schools such as Berklee, Tony opted for the high-tech industry via M.I.T.  After finishing his master's degree there, he helped build a successful start-up company specializing in acoustics and electronics.  Later, he joined the pro sound division of audio giant Bose Corp., developing products for touring musicians, concert halls, and the like, including a product that lead to two U.S. patents for automated sound system design.  Eventually, however, the yearning to make music again became too great, so he left high-tech to return to the music scene, full-time. The transition went smoothly thanks to the support of his wife, Almerinda, who also returned to her artistic roots shortly thereafter. (Samples of her oil paintings can be seen at Almerinda Silva Fine Art.)

Currently Tony plays with the Knights, a Boston-based GB band.  He also occasionally performs with a dectet playing R&B and soul music, as well as several other Boston-area GB and club bands and jazz duos and trios.  He has also played with the Bose Big Band, as well as a sextet of other Bose musicians playing fusion and straight-ahead jazz.

Tony enjoys a wide variety of music, including R&B, fusion, Latin, funk, rock, straight-ahead jazz, symphonic, the Great American Songbook, and many other genres.  He loves playing any type of music that will get an audience up dancing.  His experience spans the whole saxophone family, including soprano and baritone, though he now sheds and gigs exclusively on tenor and alto.  He also plays a little guitar, piano, and flute and has even had a few paid gigs on drums (over which Dave Weckl probably isn't losing any sleep).

Although music remains his top priority, Tony also occasionally does freelance computer consulting, including software development, Web site design, sheet-music typesetting/engraving and songbook preparation, digital multimedia services (audio/video post-production, photo finishing, etc.), and computer/network installation and troubleshooting.  Several of these services were used in the construction of this Web site. More information on Tony's technical background is available from his résumé.

'68 Selmer Mark VI tenor sax, Guardala Studio and King R&B mouthpieces, Rico Select Jazz filed reeds.
'64 Selmer Mark VI alto sax, Beechler Bellite 7 mouthpiece, Rico Select Jazz filed reeds.
Shure ULXP14/98H wireless mic system.
Ultimate Ears UE 11 Pro custom in-ear monitors.

The Knights


Dan Webster (keyboards, vocals), John Faggiano (drums), Tom Sheppard (bass), Tony Silva (saxophones)

Ric Hopkins (leader, trumpet), Ed Pepper (vocals), Jodie Cunningham (vocals), John Paul (guitar, vocals)

For more information on the band, please visit the Knights Web site.

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